An additional brief PC gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part I Remake has been released by Sony and Naughty Dog. This 22-second teaser highlights a few of the features that will be available in the PC edition. Last of Us Part Both AMD FSR 2.0 and NVIDIA DLSS 2 will get my support. It will also feature a Permadeath Mode and a Speedrun Mode. Unlocked framerates are also a given for PC gamers.

Here is a short PC trailer for The Last of Us Part I Remake

On March 28, The Last of Us Part I will be released on Windows. And we are definitely excited for the game. Also, it appears that Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy will work together once more on the PC version. So let’s hope that this PC version will at least be an improvement than the one we received for UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The Last of Us Part I Remake short PC trailer is just above. So, that was it for our The Last of Us Part I gameplay trailer article. But, we have many many more articles on our website. Perhaps there are other articles among our other articles that have caught your attention. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our recommendations. In addition, there are many different and numerous guide articles on our site. We recommend that you go to the guide tab on our site and take a look at our other articles. So, let’s move on to our article suggestions.

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