Developer InnerSloth has launched a new update for Among Us, particularly Update v2023.3.28, and to match with this release, the company has provided a new update on its website outlining what’s new and disclosing the patch notes. In light of this, we are aware that the update brings back Horse Mode and adds some new cosmetics. There will be a “enhanced” version, according to InnerSloth, and will be accessible from March 31 to April 2. With it, Among Us teammates become horses, and “Horse Wrangling” mode in Hide n’ Seek becomes the default setting.

Among Us announed the Horse Wrangling mode

The update is already available, even if this mode won’t go live for a few more days. The patch notes, which are available and can be seen below, have been published, so we know what it does. The update’s file sizes are something we don’t know. Although the patch notes are brief, if the update is meant to get the game ready for additional content, it may increase the file size.

Patch Notes:

  • [Hide n Seek] – Players will no longer get stuck on a black screen if the Seeker leaves during the reveal screen. Players will see a reveal screen and once gameplay begins the game will end with ‘Impostor Disconnected’ if a new Seeker isn’t chosen.
  • [All Modes] – Task arrows no longer get stuck on screen after a comms sabotage
  • [All Modes] – Players will no longer see lobbies mixed with assets from the Skeld
  • [Hide n Seek] – Players can no longer be killed while the vent animation is being completed. Due to latency, the animation may still play under certain circumstances
  • [Hide n Seek] – Impostor can now use ‘click to kill’ when a Ghost is located directly over another player’s Crewmate
  • [Airship] – Impostor or Seeker can no longer clip into the wall when trying to kill a Crewmate while they are climbing a ladder
  • [iOS] – Ghosts no longer have transparent dots displayed on them
  • [Nintendo Switch] – Announcement links will open correctly in the Switch’s browser
  • Player skins now load onto Crewmate correctly when spawning in lobby
  • Shapeshifter pet is now displayed correctly if Impostor shapeshifts into a Crewmate with a pet
  • Players blocked in the Friends List are displayed properly
  • Fixes to Right Hand Man kill animations
  • Winning or losing a game in Practice will now reset the practice game


Android, iOS, Windows/PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are all platforms where Among Us is accessible.

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