Today, Sony published a fresh system update for the PlayStation 5. Beginning in March, Sony released the PS5’s most significant upgrade in a while, bringing Discord integration to the device for the first time. Since then, a number of smaller firmware updates have been released to address various annoyances that have started to surface. Another update of this type has just been released, and it fixes a problem with one particular PS5 feature.

The new PS5 update solves one very specific problem

Firmware version 23.01-07.01.01 for PS5 consoles is currently downloading and was made available this morning. Sony claims that this patch only fixes a problem that has plagued the PS5 Game Library, not introducing any brand-new features that customers will want to try out. According to Sony’s updated patch notes for this version, “an issue in Game Library where information was shown erroneously under certain settings was rectified.”

Overall, Sony didn’t need to release this fresh PS5 system firmware because the problem that was affecting the device wasn’t particularly disruptive. But, it’s encouraging to see that Sony is considering releasing smaller patches of this nature to address whatever niggles the PS5 may have. Also, people who were becoming irritated with the Game Library display issue won’t have to deal with it any longer.

It is currently unknown when the PS5 will receive its subsequent significant update. Every few of months, Sony typically releases a marquee patch for the PS5. However, it is likely that we won’t be receiving any more updates of this kind for at least a little while given that the most recent significant upgrade for the PS5 just debuted in early March.

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