So, a solo mode for Apex Legends might be really on the way. Players of Apex Legends recently discovered that a purported Solos game mode would be added to the game. But it was tough to believe the notion of this supposed “Rumble” mode. Yet, some fresh information has just come to light that supports these assertions with proof like allegedly leaked assets that hint at this mode. However, Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially confirm any form of Solos mode for Apex, whether it be a temporary or permanent option.

Is solo mode really coming to Apex Legends?

For those who missed the original rumor, it was published by Apex insider Osvaldatore along with a write-up describing a mode where Legends don’t have abilities, compete in one-person teams, and join matches with random loadouts. Also, it was said that this mode would give players with various powers and effects discovered across the globe as pickups intended to resemble variations of existing Legends’ abilities. Some of those ability pickups are said to be able to exchange your position with that of an enemy and speed up mobility and healing.

It seemed a little bit too wonderful to be true. But it now appears that there may be some truth to it. This past weekend, another Apex insider Thordan Smash suggested something. According to it, the mode might be referred to as “Rumble Royal”. But, the “Rumble” term was told in the initial leaks. One of the in-game magazines that was given by the leaker featured the words “Rumble Royal” at the top and was intended to tease upcoming content.

The most recent report on this suspected Apex mode stated that there would be no selectable loadouts and that players would instead come in with a random weapon and attachment. This report supports some of the early allegations. Bullets that ricochet and explode were once more described, along with skills like an EMP akin to Crypto’s ultimate and a “Berserk” effect that boosts melee damage.

Again, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. But the speculations claim that Season 17 will bring us this new mode. Ballistic, a Legend that leaked a while ago. But wasn’t included in Season 16. Because Respawn took a season off from introducing new Legends, is also rumored to be coming to the game during that same season.

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