This past week, Olympus, one of the game’s current maps, received some fixes in a new update for Apex Legends. Players were happy to see the bright, smaller map return for however long that would last toward the end of March to change up the map rotation for the remainder of the current season, but some annoying problems like stuttering and other performance issues plagued the map and prevented people from fully enjoying it. Many of those issues should now be resolved thanks to the latest version that was issued on Wednesday.

Apex Legends update aims to solve problems with Olympus map

The aforementioned update was described on the Respawn Entertainment Twitter account in the same way that we typically hear about changes that aren’t significant enough to merit a full blog post of patch notes but are nonetheless important enough to take note of. The enhancements for Olympus were at the top of the list. One of these is “A fix to improve freezing, stuttering, and low-res UI,” however there is naturally a risk that players will still run into some of these problems as they would with any map. While a fourth change allowed you to now gift each other treasure boxes from the Collection Events, other fixes addressed server and Gun Run difficulties.

Olympus’s return was welcomed by many, and these adjustments will only make that better now that it should perform more effectively than before. Nevertheless, the update still represents a bizarre period of Apex’s general malfunction over the past few weeks. Respawn made a number of perplexing modifications to the game around the same time that Olympus made a comeback, among them an apparent enlargement of the inventory UI that made it larger than usual and so hid more of the screen.

Even more annoying than that was a patch that switched the buttons for attaching or detaching weapon attachments, causing some users hurl their attachments to the ground when they meant to attach them to another weapon. Although both of these adjustments and others were undone, players were still largely in the dark about the reasons for the initial implementation of these changes. All platforms should now have the most recent Apex update available.

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