With a new handheld device named the ROG Ally, ASUS intends to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck. Although some people may have thought it was a prank when the firm unveiled the new on-the-go PC this week, around the time of April Fool’s Day, ASUS is actually the manufacturer of the gadget and has already provided a first look at it. When the device was first unveiled, no release date was specified, but ASUS and Best Buy have now established a gateway on the latter’s website where customers considering the ROG Ally can enter their contact information to be notified when preorders go live.

ASUS ROG ALLY on the way to dethrone Steam Deck

With with the news, the ROG Ally’s debut trailer was also made public. It demonstrates the new handheld gadget, which resembles the Steam Deck greatly. Given that it is intended to be a portable gaming Computer, it is difficult to think that it will have a different appearance from the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

Some interesting aspects are mentioned in the trailer. The main purpose of this device is obviously to allow users to play games on the go, and they may transfer games from other platforms to it. A peek of the actual device revealed a fairly typical configuration of thumbsticks, a control pad, and a few face buttons, along with some light-up elements that were obviously gracing the ROG Ally’s face. You can alter a variety of game settings on an individual basis with the ASUS Armory Crate function, among other things.

The ROG Ally’s real specifications haven’t been made public, thus this is simply a high-level overview of the gadget. We’ll have to wait until later to discover more about the specifications of the ROG Ally and, more significantly, how much it will cost as all that is now available on the Best Buy website is a place for consumers to input their email address to learn more whenever that information becomes available. Recently, a Steam Deck rival was also revealed by Razer and Verizon. This suggests that additional businesses may follow suit in the future, continuing the trend.

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