The dazzling action role-playing game Atomic Heart has a ton of content to delve into in its expansive complexes and open environment filled with mutants and bloodthirsty robots. You’re probably wondering how long Atomic Heart takes to complete and how many hours you can anticipate investing in it. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with both the typical playthrough length and a more completionist playstyle. You’ll encounter a variety of tough opponents throughout the Atomic Heart. So, let’s talk about the Atomic Heart length.

Atomic Heart length

During a typical playing, the Atomic Heart length is around 25 hours. Also, a completionist game probably takes almost twice that long. There will be lots of content to get through while battling the army of evil robots and mutants throughout the five enormous complexes that you can explore. When exploring the captured Soviet facility, there are also environmental challenges to solve.

About the game

In our Atomic Heart length guide, we’d also love to talk about the game and Mundfish a bit. After it was claimed that the Russian government stands to profit financially from Atomic Heart’s release, developer Mundfish has come under increased investigation. This is because among the investors in Mundfish’s financing is GEM Capital, a fund of investments whose creator has connections to VTB Bank and Gazprom, both of which are majority-owned by the Russian government.

In order to avoid Steam’s sanctions, Mundfish is also working with VK (formerly Mail.RU), a company that is primarily controlled by the Russian government through Gazprombank. Moreover, the CEO of Mundfish was previously the Creative Director at Mail.RU. Now that we talked about Atomic Heart length, here you can find our other articles.

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