Who is the best Redfall character among the many options available in Arkane’s most recent game? The good news is that after spending some time with them throughout our playtime, we have found a fantastic option for both solo and co-op play. We have come up with two options that can significantly increase your odds of surviving the vampire hordes for the entirety of Redfall.

The best character in Redfall

If you’re playing solo or in co-op, Layla or Remi are the best Redfall characters to choose. While Remi’s abilities increase your team’s healing and power, Layla’s are more suited to solo players as you can increase your survivability. Starting off, Layla’s three skills all come in handy when playing alone more so than when you’re with a team. Lift is perhaps the least useful in battle, although it can come in handy when you need to escape a dangerous situation or climb onto a roof. With a shield that can be improved and will reflect damage, Umbrella is all about keeping you alive.

As a final option, you can use her ultimate Vampire Ex-Boyfriend ability to summon a minion who will help you out by killing hordes of cultists or vampires while you concentrate on a boss or another specific adversary causing you trouble. Remi, on the other hand, is fantastic when playing in a group. Her signature move is Mobilize, which can heal your squad over time if you keep everyone close while Siren, her robot companion, can divert enemies. In a similar vein, C4 Charge does provide Remi an edge in terms of damage.

If her robot friend can gather enemies around him, this can be used in combination with other weapons or explosives and can complement her other abilities. The Redfall heroes can all function in either cooperative or solitary play. But if you want to have a simpler experience, these two typically stand out in both of those modes. If you are playing Redfall on one of the more challenging difficulty settings or levels, you should absolutely choose Layla or Remi.

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