At last, Call of Duty bans Cronus controllers as soon as they detect it. Cronus controllers, a well-liked piece of third-party hardware that gives gamers a huge edge, have been made illegal by Call of Duty. One of the most popular and fiercely contested series out there is Call of Duty. There are many cheaters trying to manipulate the system because of how big it is in order to appear to be a better player. Throughout the past two decades, cheating techniques have evolved significantly, ranging from J-TAG Xbox 360s to PC software to third-party controllers that give you an unfair advantage. Although cheating can never be totally eliminated, it is crucial for developers to make every effort to keep an eye out for it.

Call of Duty now detects and bans Cronus controllers 

The use of Cronus controllers has been one of the most popular methods of cheating. You can apply zero recoil to firearms using these controllers, among other things, giving you a significant unfair edge. These controllers were previously invisible to anti-cheat systems. The use of these devices may now be detected and prevented thanks to procedures put in place by Infinity Ward and Activision. If Warzone 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 detect the gadget, a warning will be displayed to the player. They will receive a suspension or ban as punishment if they keep doing it. This should enable more impartial matches in Call of Duty. Hopefully, this will reduce when true cheaters are eliminated from the playing pool since we’re all guilty of accusing someone of cheating after they’ve been murdered.

Of course, cheating will always exist. With its Ricochet anti-cheat system, Call of Duty has been attempting to fix these issues. But it can only go so far. Call of Duty will work to stop cheating as soon as possible. But only time will tell what the next widespread technique of cheating will be.

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