At last, Capcom has removed Denuvo from Resident Evil Village. Resident Evil Village, the popular survival horror game, has recently received a significant update from its developer, Capcom. The update has caused quite a stir among the gaming community as it removes the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper technology from the game. Denuvo, a digital rights management (DRM) software that was introduced to prevent piracy and tampering of games, has been a topic of debate among gamers for years.

Capcom has removed Denuvo from Resident Evil Village

With this update, Capcom has not only removed Denuvo from Resident Evil Village. But they have also taken it down from the game’s Steam shop page. This move has been perceived as a deliberate and conscious decision made by the developers. It is not an accidental removal. But rather a planned action to cater to the needs and demands of the gamers who have been protesting against Denuvo.

The removal of Denuvo from Resident Evil Village is excellent news for all gamers who have been waiting to play this game without any restrictions. Denuvo is known to cause issues like increased loading times, system crashes, and other performance-related problems, which has led many gamers to boycott games that use this technology. However, with Denuvo gone, players can now enjoy a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience without any limitations or hindrances.

The removal of Denuvo from Resident Evil Village came almost two years after the game’s initial release in May 2021. Despite the delay, the gaming community is thrilled with this development. Also, the community is eagerly waiting to test the game’s performance without Denuvo. Players can now benchmark the game and compare it with its previous version to see if the removal of Denuvo has made any significant difference in the game’s overall performance.

Overall, the removal of Denuvo from Resident Evil Village is a significant step towards addressing the concerns of the gaming community. It demonstrates that developers are listening to the feedback and demands of their players, and are willing to take action to provide a better gaming experience. With the removal of Denuvo, gamers can now enjoy playing Resident Evil Village without any performance-related issues and enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

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