It’s possible that Counter-Strike 2 won’t be PC exclusive. One of the most unexpected video games to be released in 2023 is Counter-Strike 2. Valve is primarily focused on creating hardware, like the Steam Card, or just releasing updates for the games it has already released, and is thus more or less notorious for not releasing many significant new games. It does, however, occasionally deliver a massive hit like Half-Life: Alyx. Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still wildly popular on Steam, there have been rumors of a new Counter-Strike game for a couple of weeks, and fans were excited to hear about it. Finally, it is taking place now.

Is Counter-Strike 2 exclusive to PC?

Insider Gaming said that Twitter user and dataminer aquaismissing discovered code that alluded to Counter-Strike 2 possibly making an appearance on mobile platforms and not being exclusive to PC. The user pointed out that both iOS and Android seem to be options. But it’s unclear whether Valve is simply considering this or whether it’s something that is really planned. In fact, a mobile port might even imply that a console port isn’t completely out of the question. Early in the 2010s, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But it was never released for the Xbox One, PS4, PS5, or Xbox Series X|S. If it ever materializes, only time will tell. But hopefully we can rely on Valve to release this eagerly anticipated sequel on more than just PC.

In recent years, many well-known franchises have begun to enter the mobile market. More gaming options are being considered as phones become much more powerful. With a mobile version of Warzone, Call of Duty, one of the most well-known franchises on mobile right now, will maintain its dominance. However, EA is abandoning its major franchises on mobile, including Battlefield and Apex Legends Mobile, and is also closing down Apex Legends Mobile. Besides the chances of Counter-Strike 2 not being exclusive to PC, we have more articles waiting for you.

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