Devolver Digital and Massive Monster announced this week that the Relics of the Old Faith upgrade for Cult of the Lamb, the popular colony builder and cult simulator game from last year, is due to release on April 24. The game’s next update will be available in just under a week, and Nintendo provided a glimpse of it today during its massive Indie World webcast to demonstrate more of what the update will include. This update will be entirely free, just like all the others the game has received since its debut.

Cult of the Lamb Relics of the Old Faith update release date is April 24 2023

If you’ve been following Cult of the Lamb news from the game’s release, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about this update thanks to sneak peeks at what’s within. Through brief gameplay clips published on social media, like one from late last year that announced the addition of Heavy Attacks in what was then called the “Free Major Content Update” expected for this year, Massive Monster has occasionally shown off such features. However, that only makes up a small portion of the update, which is primarily focused on the relics mentioned earlier, which are objects that players may gather to unleash effects like stopping time.

More followers for players to gather, buildings for settlements like communal shelters and a tomb for your dead, and, of course, new tasks to do like crusades and quests with new bosses located therein are some other new elements shown in the trailer above. There will also be a photo mode and “purgatory challenges” that are designed to be particularly challenging. Completionists can now additionally add achievements to work toward.

The developer said in a word of thanks shared on Twitter, “To be honest, we never expected so many people to want to play our game. The devotion you’ve shown is beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve packed as much as we possibly could into this free update and we can’t wait for you to play it on April 24.” On April 24th, all platforms will receive the significant Relics of the Old Faith update for Cult of the Lamb.

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