The Dead Space Remake developer has hinted that there might be new game in the series. The horror franchise Dead Space is very well-liked, although it was very short-lived in comparison to Resident Evil, which seems to go on forever and has spread across numerous media. Three core games, a few novels, and a few animated films were all produced for Dead Space over the course of about five years. After Dead Space 3, EA changed course and decided to concentrate more on games with an online component, leaving Dead Space in the dust. However, the remake is getting excellent reviews and will probably do well in the box office as well.

Dead Space Remake developer talks about new game plans

Fans are now wondering what will happen after this remake. There are Easter eggs in the remake that allude to a potential Dead Space 2 remake. Fans are also speculating as to whether this might result in a fresh game similar to Dead Space 4. There seems to be a possibility that it might occur. Speaking to GQ about the forthcoming remake, Dead Space senior producer Phil Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola expressed the desire to expand the Dead Space series.

Ducharme said, “For sure, it’s a hope that we have. There’s interest on my side and I think on Roman’s side – you can see his smile – in exploring Dead Space more. There are ideas, that’s for sure. We’re finishing this week, we’re going to be making sure that that launch goes well and that there are as few technical issues as possible. We’re gonna be heading out on vacation and then we’ll sit down and we’ll have those discussions within EA to say, ‘Well, what’s next?'”.

Of course, we have no idea how this would seem. It remains to be seen if it will be a new game or another remake, but thus far, things appear promising. The developer behind the remake, EA Motive, is presently developing a new Iron Man game, which will probably take precedence over all other projects going forward. Besides Dead Space Remake developer teasing new game plans, we have other articles on our website.

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