You will be sent back into Neomuna to aid in the city’s reconstruction after being devastated by conflict in the To Hero quest featured in the Lightfall expansion. Despite being quite brief, the To Hero quest can be quite challenging. Fortunately, this guide will teach you all you need to know to finish the Destiny 2 To Hero quest, including how to get the last supply caches from chests in the Neomuna Area.

Destiny 2 To Hero quest walkthrough

The steps for the Destiny 2 To Hero quest are:

  • Take the remaining chests in the Neomuna Area.
  • Complete Patrols and Public Events, collect resource nodes, and unlock chests in Neomuna.
  • In the Typhon Imperator, defeat the Shadow Legionary Gha’ram.
  • Back to Nimbus


Walkthrough details

Given that there are just three main quest steps, Destiny 2 To Hero is a surprisingly time-consuming quest. To reclaim supply caches, finish quests in Neomuna, and take down a well guarded Shadow Legionary Gha’ram in the Typhon Imperator, you must gather the last few Neomuna Region chests. Chests in the Neomuna Area are the first objective of the quest.

Destiny 2 To Hero quest step 1 – Neomuna Region chests

You will have obtained three of the nine Neomuna Region chests during the From Zero quest. You must locate and open the remaining six Neomuna Regions boxes in To Hero, whichever ones they may be for you.

Destiny 2 To Hero quest step 2 – Neomuna activities

You must once more complete Public Events and Patrols, as well as gather resources and boxes in Neomuna, in order to advance to the second step of To Hero. Multitasking and completing numerous tasks at once are the most effective ways to accomplish this. For instance, while taking part in a Neomuna Public Event, perform Patrol objectives and keep an eye out for Cloud Accretions areas while exploring. With this strategy, you’ll finish this quest phase swiftly.

Destiny 2 To Hero quest step 3 – Shadow Legionary Gha’ram

You will be tasked with locating and taking down Shadow Legionary Gha’ram in Calus’ Typhon Imperator in the third and final stage of the To Hero quest. Locating Shadow Legionary Gha’ram is as easy as monitoring the To Hero quest in your quest page and following the objective marker through the Typhon Imperator, which is located in Ahimsa Park. Navigate your way through this area until you get to the end, where you’ll find this formidable foe. You’ll be prepared to go back to Nimbus to finish the Destiny 2 To Hero quest once you’ve vanquished Shadow Legionary Gha’ram. So, that was it for our Destiny 2 guide. But, we have more articles for you.

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