Bungie, the company behind the wildly popular online shooter Destiny 2, has just launched a brand-new update. The majority of Destiny 2 players are still eagerly awaiting the launch of Lightfall, the game’s upcoming significant expansion, and Season 20, which will begin in late February. However, a fresh patch for the game that introduces a few minor adjustments is now accessible prior to that launch.

Destiny 2 update and patch notes for January 31 is out

Today’s latest update for Destiny 2 is essentially a hotfix, which means that most of what it does is simply repair existing bugs and other issues. This is something we’ve come to anticipate from Destiny 2 updates. The Iron Banner and Crucible portions of Destiny 2 should now function considerably more effectively, even if there aren’t many entirely new improvements with hotfix A few minor adjustments have also been made to several of the game’s weaponry and rewards.

Here are the patch notes:


  • Fixed an issue where Security Drone 01 from Operation: Seraph’s Shield was not visible for players who had not completed enough Beyond Light campaign missions.
  • You now can obtain Deepsight weapons from the Seasonal vendors daily instead of weekly. Get your patterns, Guardian!


  • Increased Iron Banner Rank gains.
  • Doubled multipliers from wearing Iron Banner gear.
  • Halved the multipliers for completing challenges.
  • Significantly increased the multiplier for wearing an Iron Banner emblem.


  • Added quitter protections to Competitive Division.
  • Players completing matches that end in losses where one or more teammates were missing from the start of the match will not result in division point loss.


  • Fixed an issue where the Full Auto setting could occasionally stop firing while the trigger is held.
  • Also, fixed an issue where with Full Auto setting turned on, auto loading a charge-based weapon after emptying the mag allowed you to shoot them without a charge delay.


  • Fixed an issue where a dialog prompt during the initial Enigma crafting quest would fail to advance.


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