Season 28 of Diablo 3 will start up in a few weeks, but Diablo players will be able to play through some of the next season’s content already. This week, Blizzard unveiled the intentions for Season 28’s theme and the gameplay features it introduces, which just so happens to be the ideal prequels to Diablo 4’s existing systems. Players will be able to test out the next season’s theme, “Rites of Sanctuary,” as of January 31.

Diablo 3 Season 28 tests starting soon

The “Altar of Rites,” which itself provides players Seals and Potions to unlock and obtain, is the focal point of the Rites of Sanctuary theme. If you have the finances necessary to open those Seals, you can progress through a web of Seals at the Alter of Rites to gain various abilities that persist for the remainder of Season 28. Seals can be unlocked with various materials, such as Bloodshards, Forgotten Souls, and a Staff of Herding. Players can choose the sequence in which they want to unlock these ability-granting Seals, but each Seal costs more money than the one before it. Similar to potions, players’ health potions are enhanced by drinking potions. There are three options available. Each is listed below.

Diablo 3 Season 28 Potions

  • Potion AA: When you consume your health potion, one of three runic circles that boost damage, reduce cooldowns, or lower resource costs appear on the ground.
  • Potion AB: Drinking your health potion reduces all enemy damage dealt within 25 yards by 25%.
  • Potion AC: When you consume your health potion, you will receive a random shrine or pylon effect.


When a primal item drops, in Diablo 3 Season 28 a second randomly selected primal item also drops. This is the ultimate effect that may be obtained from the Alter of Rites. Primordial goods have also been somewhat changed for this season to take into consideration the fact that each of the three Potions requires Primordial Ashes, a highly scarce resource.

Blizzard said, “Acquiring enough Primordial Ashes to offer to the Altar of Rites is no small task. That’s why we are adding a new Primordial Ashes feature with this patch to aid in your quest. At the Blacksmith, you can now salvage a Primal Item for 55 Primordial Ashes. We have also added a Primal Item recipe to Kanai’s Cube. It will cost 100 Primordial Ashes and any non-crafted Legendary Item.”

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