This weekend will see the start of the Diablo IV open beta, and Blizzard Entertainment is already preparing participants with expectations. There is a lot of anticipation for the game. Also, Blizzard expects that Diablo 4 Open Beta will result in “lengthy queue times” once more. Players have been cautioned not to be taken off guard by these delays, as they will be crucial in the long term as the development team gets ready for a complete launch, according to a new blog post on the Blizzard forums.

Lengthy queue times expected for Diablo 4 Open Beta

The blog post reads, “When we open the gates again this Friday to absolutely everyone, we are expecting a lot of people. There will be lengthy queue times, particularly on Friday when we first launch and during peak regional windows. This past weekend helped us to forecast the capacity we expect this weekend, and we will be using that capacity to intentionally stress our systems in preparation for launch. In summary, while we know it can be frustrating, we need queues to properly stress test our services and we are designing to ensure we have them some of the time.”.

Hopefully the wait delays won’t ruin the fun altogether! The incredibly good initial response to Diablo IV will probably persuade more users to swarm to the open beta this weekend. Since Blizzard anticipates Friday to be the busiest day, as stated in the paragraph above, readers may want to think about making plans for Saturday or Sunday, if those days work better for them. Although there is no assurance that those days will be any better, for individuals with little free time, it might be worth a try! The development team has also issued a warning that, should problems arise, the beta test may occasionally be taken offline for maintenance.

The open beta for Diablo IV will run from March 24 until March 26. On June 6, the game’s complete release will be available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. So, that was it for our Diablo 4 Open Beta update warns of more lengthy queue times article. But, we have more on our website. Be sure to check them out!

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