Some of the images in The Day Before appear to be like a copy from a Call of Duty video. Over the past two years, The Day Before, a brand-new MMO zombie game, has drawn a lot of interest. It allows for a truly ambitious open-world survival game where players can be just as hazardous as the undead that roam the planet. The game resembles a hybrid between The Division and The Last of Us. Many people worry that the entire thing is smoke and mirrors because of the heavily staged videos that have been produced so far for the game. The fact that there were a few relatively last-minute delays, including the most recent one that moved the release date of the game from March to November 2023 and claimed an odd trademark dispute, didn’t help.

The Day Before gameplay trailer might be a copy

The Day Before appears to be a real game, even though it may look a little monotonous and be less interesting than the produced trailers, according to 10 minutes of raw gameplay footage that the game’s developer, Fntastic, recently released. But one astute spectator made a very astute observation. A very, very brief portion of some cinematic footage can be seen in the new gameplay video, and Twitter user Chromastone10 noticed that it appears to be a Call of Duty trailer.

The framing and lighting of the images in question are identical to those in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies unveiling video shot for shot. Is there a chance that this is just an extremely peculiar coincidence? No doubt. It’s not a good look, though, given all the other odd things that are happening with this game. We will all have to wait and watch what happens with The Day Before for the time being. Will it release as scheduled in November 2023 or will there be another delay? Who knows, but there seem to be many doubters presently. There’s a chance things will go smoothly, but in any case, this project is under intense scrutiny for any mistakes. Besides the possibility that The Day Before gameplay trailer is a copy, we have more articles for you.

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