Do you remember DRIV3R? Surely there are players among you who remember this game, who have good memories of this game. If you are one of them, this news is for you. For those who wish to repeat this classic Driver game, modder ‘Zombie2358’ has produced a Definitive Edition Mod for DRIV3R that they just must have. The PC version of DRIV3R: Definitive Edition has several improvements for the problems it had. Additionally, it adds a few fresh HD textures and enhances the draw distance for a few objects. Additionally, it includes a lot of UI updates as well as interior, EAX, and graphics layer changes.

You can download DRIV3R Definitive Edition Mod now

The modder intends to enhance the LOD of the game and fully incorporate Cop Boats in later iterations. Zombie2358 also intends to integrate HD Vehicle Interiors. Anyone interested in downloading it can do so here. Be aware that the installation guide is somewhat lengthy, so be prepared. Last but not least, you can see a video above that highlights some of this mod’s most notable features.

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