The villain of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign commemorating the game’s 50th anniversary will be Vecna. The 2024 adventure spans several worlds and serves as a celebration of all things D&D. Also, it will be set in multiple dimensions. The Wizards of the Coast stated that the traditional god-lich will be its antagonist. According to the Vecna adventure, which revealed “ever deeper plots for years to come,” the new adventure would also reportedly usher in a new stage of D&D campaign plots.

The Vecna adventure’s storylines and “interconnectivity” will reportedly unfold over a five-year span. It will do so with additional adventures bringing back more traditional D&D antagonists. For instance, the 2025 adventure will center on the Red Wizards of Thay, while numerous adventures will feature the League of Malevolence, a gang of D&D villains that first appeared in the 1980s D&D toy line and desire power from the multiverse. In a future D&D adventure, Venger, the main enemy from the D&D cartoon, will also make an appearance.

Dungeons & Dragons revealed the 50th Anniversary Campaign villain and it is Vecna

It’s intriguing how the D&D universe is being emphasized, and it appears to mark a change in how the game is approaching its adventure material. However, the two adventures released in 2022 were very different from the interconnectivity that had been present in earlier books. Also, the two adventures were a Dragonlance adventure and a mini-campaign published as part of the Spelljammer box set. This is in contrast to the first few years of 5E adventures published by Wizards of the Coast. Itfeatured small connections between campaigns in the form of easter eggs and NPCs that appeared in multiple adventures.

It almost sounds like the D&D design team is working toward some sort of meta-narrative within its adventures, which, if done properly, could be exciting for fans. Wizards of the Coast has hinted at a five-year plan for their adventures. Also, they have spoken about adventures that won’t be published for years. It’s a quick and natural method to get people interested in Dungeons & Dragons, and it might also keep players engaged in continuing with “official” D&D experiences.

As the Phandelver and Below: The Broken Obelisk adventure will contain a collection of weird obelisks that were connected to Vecna in a previous campaign, we might witness the beginning of the Vecna storyline later this year. We’ll have to wait and speculate until then about what Wizards of the Coast has in store for the Dungeons & Dragons game.

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