After the final two free games for April expired, Epic Games released the first free games for May 2023. Instead of simply two games, as it sometimes does, Epic Games Store is giving away 3 free games that will be accessible from now until next week. You have until May 11th to claim those games—Against All Odds, Horizon Chase Turbo, and Kao the Kangaroo—via your Epic Games Store account. A free bundle of The Sims 4 content will be distributed when these games have been available for free for a week.

You can get 3 free games on Epic Games Store this week

So, here is a list of the games:


Technically, the only titles that have been made free in accordance with the Epic titles Store custom of making a paid game gratis for a week are Kao the Kangaroo and Horizon Chase Turbo. Despite being listed in this week’s roundup by Epic Games, Against All Odds, which just debuted in the Epic Games Store, is also available for free. If that name seems familiar, it was formerly known as the Slaughter League.

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