WWE 2K23 has had a busy week with the release of its full DLC and Season Pass lineup, as well as additional information on MyGM and the Creative Suite. Because to a recent Community Day, there is now more game footage online, and a brand-new Phoenix Nitro video compiles all of the new moves in WWE 2K23. The new video showcases every new maneuver added to WWE 2K23, including the Cross Rhodes, The Fadeaway, The Hardaway, and more. It also includes a new Bear Hug and Attitude Adjustment. You can see every new move in WWE 2K23 in the video in our article.

You can now watch every new move in WWE 2K23

Although those are just a handful of the moves shown in the game, others include Kawada Kicks, K360, Manhandle Slam, Million Dollar Lariat, Punchline, Reverse Fireman’s Drop, Ridge-Plex, Rock Bottom, Rolling Deathlock, Running Hip Attack, Ripcord Dropkick, Sliding Lariat, and the Snap DDT.

New moves, animations, Superstars, as well as additional features have been added to returning modes like MyGM in WWE 2K23. The Creation Suite is also coming back, and it will include even more tools for you to use in your WWE creations. The difference between generated wrestlers and real-life superstars was one of the main issues with WWE 2K22, according to WWE 2K23 Creative Director Lynell Jinks, and WWE 2K23 aims to close that gap.

Jinks said, “Creation suite, one of my favorite things in the game. We constantly add new things to the game every single year. I would say when it comes to the top two biggest upgrades to this year’s creation suite, one will be the fidelity of our superstars. I would say in years past, there was a big gap between the creations that people would make and what was uploaded on Community Creations because of the lack of detail on our models. And that was a big focus for us this year on WWE 2K23, to close that gap and allow users to create content that looks just as good as the WWE superstars that we have full control over.”

Lynell Jinks talked about the game

Lastly Jinks said, “It’s exciting to see that come together, and then also the advanced customization to create an entrance, that’s a big one. I know we had to take it out of WWE2K22. The reasons were it just was unstable. Those who played 2K20, it crashed, there were memory leaks all over the place, and so we had to rewrite that thing from the ground up. Now that we own this code and we own the systems, we made it even better, even stronger. So yeah, I’m glad to say it’s back.”

“The way that comes together is thrilling, and the advanced personalization that goes into making an entry is a significant one. I am aware that we had to remove it from WWE2K22. The instability was one of the causes. For those that played 2K20, it frequently crashed and had memory leaks all over the place, so we had to completely redesign it. Since we now control the systems and the code, we improved and strengthened it. I’m happy to report that it’s back, so “said Jinks. The Standard Edition and Cross-Get Edition of WWE 2K23 will release on Friday, March 17. The Deluxe Edition and Icon Edition will start offering early access on March 14. Besides every new move in WWE 2K23, we have more articles on our website.

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