The Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie debut trailer has leaked online. The viability of video game movies has increased in recent years as Hollywood appears to have figured out the formula. It will be a success if you make a nice movie while keeping the positive aspects of the game! After years of studios attempting to reverse-engineer the source content to be more marketable to those who aren’t familiar with games, it’s difficult to believe it would take so long for it to get recognized, but it has. The upcoming popular television series Five Nights at Freddy’s, which centers on deadly animatronics at a restaurant resembling Chuck E. Cheese, seems to be pretty faithful to the original video game.

Here is the leaked Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie trailer

Recently, the movie’s filming was completed, and it now seems that a trailer will soon be available. A leaked version of the Five Nights at Freddy’s trailer may be seen online. It has Josh Hutcherson’s character watching over the security cameras at the name-brand restaurant. Sadly, it appears that’s exactly what occurs when the animatronics spring to life and start scaring everyone inside and outside the family-friendly establishment. Additionally, we see other sequences that take place outside of the pizzeria, indicating the drama in the film will spread beyond Freddy’s. We won’t be linking to this trailer because it was leaked, however it is available on a number of sites.

Right now, it appears that the movie will be quite true to its inspiration and offer a lot of enjoyable, campy spooks. It’s unknown whether this will be rated R or if a PG-13 version will be made in an effort to appeal to a wider audience, but in either case, it appears that the series’ trademark tension and fear will be maintained. We should not have to wait too long to see the complete, excellent trailer.

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