A limited-time freebie for one of 2023’s biggest releases has stunned Steam users, at least when judged by noteworthiness. While the game in question received a lot of attention and eyes, it doesn’t appear that many of these eyeballs actually pressed the purchase button. The fact that an additional piece of content has been made free, at least on Steam, will please those customers who did buy Forspoken. More specifically, for a short period of time, everyone who is playing the game on Steam is eligible to receive a free, downloadable copy of the Forspoken Cat’s Meow Cloak. However, if you read this after February 16 you’ve already missed the deadline for this offer. The item’s description on Steam describes it as “a cloak that offers the wearer power and is definitely designed with cat fans in mind.”

Forspoken Cat’s Meow Cloak is free on Steam for a limited time

Yeah, right now Forspoken Cat’s Meow Cloak is free.  But for those who are unaware, Forspoken is an action role-playing game created by Luminous Productions and released by Square Enix. Was is the former’s follow-up to Final Fantasy 15, which it released in 2016. On January 24, the game was made available exclusively on PC and PlayStation 5. It was a rather significant release at the time. Because it was a console exclusive. Also, it was developed by the same team as Final Fantasy 15. But it eventually fell short of the standards that these two factors had set.

The game gets a 65 on Metacritic for the PS5. It has a 67 on PC. We don’t know how well the game has sold. But quiet usually speaks volumes, and the game’s poor Steam performance and poor sales at different retail locations indicate that it won’t be successful on this side of the business either. Having said that, if you’re enjoying the game on Steam, be sure to take advantage of this gratis before it expires because, after it does, it probably won’t be available again. Promotions of this nature hardly ever occur again. Besides Forspoken Cat’s Meow Cloak being free on Steam for a limited time, we have more articles for you.

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