The upcoming map in Fortnite has been partially disclosed through a recent leak; it will likely be included in Chapter 4 Season 3. Data miners, who have access to the game’s files, are responsible for the leak. Additionally, the next map update for the free-to-play battle royale game will reportedly include the addition of a jungle biome. Unfortunately, we still don’t know all the specifics of this.

A new Fortnite leak showed us a part of the upcoming map

The information about the breach was passed along by the Fortnite dataminers “Leaky” and “Shiina,” who said that the game contains a file called “AsteriaCustomBiomes_Jungle.” As the latter observes, if there wasn’t previously enough evidence, this appears to be a very strong hint that a jungle biome will appear, perhaps during Chapter 4 Season 3. Although it isn’t stated in the files, it seems unlikely that this is for Season 5 or anything else given how far away it is.

Given that it was obtained through data mining, it should be treated with caution. Although this is in the game’s files, it might be cut stuff. It symbolizes incomplete content, thus it could, at the very least, change and develop over time to the point where it exceeds current expectations. But as for the sources, both have already shown themselves to be trustworthy dataminers.

As of the time of publication, Epic Games has not made any comments about the leak or the rumors it has sparked. We will make sure to update the story if this situation changes. We don’t expect this to change because typically it doesn’t comment on leaks.

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