The much awaited Gears of Wars: The Card Game is now available for pre-order right here via Steamforged Games and The Coalition. The game will be released later this year. Also, Gears of War The Card Game release date has been revealed and it is April 10th, 2023. At least, it’s like this, according to information provided by Steamforged along with the pre-order option. With characters like Marcus Fenix and High General RAAM, you’ll be trying to develop your army in this game for two players. You can even hire a Brumak to aid you in this endeavor. The price of the game, which has 265 cards and 15 situations, is $34.95.

Jamie Perkins, the project lead for Gears of War: The Card Game, continues: “Our teaser received a startling response. We are happy to see that devoted fans are anticipating this game. We’re happy to be able to offer the game in Spanish in addition to English.” The cards themselves display an attack value, a defense, and what looks to be cost or movement in the top left corner of Gears of War: The Card Game, which appears to be firmly based on the series’ first games. According to additional photos, the game will feature at least three different decks, one of which will be COG, another Locust, and a third cover and obstacles.

Gears of War The Card Game release date

Gears of War The Card Game release date is April 10th, 2023

The official description of Gears of War: The Card Game is, “Be attentive, soldier. The planet is in disarray. It has become the Locust Horde. Choose a side, create a potent deck, and win the battle between Human and Horde. The world’s future is in your hands!┬áThis authorized two-player card game lets you experience the violent gunplay of the video game. One chapter at a time, take control of the COG soldiers or the Locust horde and seize the initiative. Utilize time-tested characters like Marcus Fenix, General Raam, August “Cole Train” Cole, Dominic Santiago, and Damon Baird to your advantage as you strategize your way through each chapter.

Every conflict matters. You had best be prepared to rule since what happens in each chapter will affect what happens later. This is a game you may keep playing over and over again because the deck you create and the choices you make will alter how you play each campaign. Prepare to hide and lay down suppressive fire, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a greenhorn. Soldier, your adversaries are attempting to cross the line. Better push back firmly.” Pre-orders are being taken for Gears of War: The Card Game, which will be released later this year. Besides Gears of War The Card Game release date, we have more articles on our website.

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