Fans of Grand Theft Auto are eager to learn more about GTA 6, and Steven Ogg, who played Trevor Phillips in GTA 5, is now fielding inquiries about the game and his prospective role. Trevor Phillips is not likely to appear in GTA 6 beyond a possible cameo, given the series is not known for having recurring characters. In light of this, it appears that the character won’t appear in GTA 6, at least not in a significant way. Ogg doesn’t explicitly state as much, but his response to the question of whether he will be in GTA 6 is still quite revealing.

Will Trevor from GTA 5 return in GTA 6?

When questioned about a potential part in GTA 6, Ogg expressly responded, “No idea.” “Actors are the last to know anything,” he continued, which is typically accurate. The final phrase was “so, we’ll see.” Then it was over. Fans shouldn’t get overly hopeful, despite the fact that the phrase “we’ll see” leaves the possibility open.

Although it’s true that many actors and voice actors don’t learn what they are working on until sometimes very late in development, it’s generally accepted that GTA 6 is quite well along, with most speculations and reports putting its release date at the absolute latest in 2024 or 2025. Ogg might be working on GTA 6 right now and not even be aware of it. It’s possible, especially if he plays a minor part, but it seems doubtful that he wouldn’t already be included and put under NDA at this point. Rockstar Games keeps almost everything under wraps, so anything is conceivable. To be clear, it would be impossible to disguise Trevor Phillips under a “unidentified role” because the character is so distinctive.

Unfortunately, all we have at this time is conjecture. And because Rockstar Games never responds to rumors, it won’t answer this one either. Having said that, we will make sure to update the story if the situation changes in any way.

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