Seems like, GTA 6 might have romance options. RPGs and dating simulations are frequently linked to romance options, but over time, light romance options have crept into other genres as well. Rockstar Games has occasionally experimented with the mechanic, but never really. The mechanic hasn’t been used in its most recent releases, GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. GTA has dabbled here and there, but the latter series has completely avoided it. You may go on dates in Grand Theft Auto IV with random women you met online through dating services. Meanwhile, in GTA San Andreas, you may have a variety of girlfriends. All things considered, it appears that Rockstar Games may be exploring the dynamic once more, this time through the two protagonists of GTA 6, one of whom is male and the other female.

There might be romance options in GTA 6

You might recall that GTA 6 had an extremely early build leak online last year. It was a significant leak that made all of the game’s media available. Most of the film has been removed from the Internet, but information about the leak is still leaking out as dataminers and curious fans comb through all the files and footage looking for anything that was overlooked when it first happened.

In order to do this, a dataminer on the GTA 6 Reddit page believes there are scripts that hint toward some sort of romance system in the game involving the aforementioned protagonists, Jason and Lucia, that players can touch, which in turn will affect other aspects of the game.

Dataminer said, “The event scripts in the leaks suggest you can have either a passive or romantic relationship with each other, Jason and Lucia likely won’t have to be together if you don’t want them to be, In the events list certain missions will be completed with a either cool, pragmatic, or romantic relationship with the two characters. This heavily implies that a romance between the two isn’t required if you don’t want it for whatever reason.”

This information should be treated with caution, but if it is accurate, it suggests that a central mechanic that might have a significant impact on the plot and resolution of the game. But, this might be removed from the game entirely before it is released. A significant amount of content from Red Dead Redemption 2 was removed, including material that examined romance in the game.

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