An apparent update on GTA 6 and a potential release date have both been revealed by a new Rockstar Games position. Rockstar Games is currently looking to hire a voiceover director among other positions. There are really only two situations where hiring in this position, especially the former, makes sense. One of these scenarios is the beginning of the voice acting and motion capture work, which usually happens in the second half of game development. The other possibility is that this work has been completed, the people holding the positions have vacated as a result of this completion, and the positions are now vacant. The latter is improbable for a number of reasons, but in any case, both scenarios imply that the game has been fully written. If this is the case, the game’s development appears to be fairly advanced.

Is GTA 6 update pointing to the potential release date?

One of the job postings reads, “Rockstar is looking for an experienced Director with a track record of crafting compelling performances for theater, TV, or film to join us in making groundbreaking video games. If you are an accomplished Director in your field with a love of games, we want to hear from you. The successful candidate will join our team in directing Voiceover as part of the Production Department at Rockstar. This role requires a collaborative spirit, a passion for narrative storytelling, and a willingness to continue to perfect your craft because learning never stops. Rolling with the punches and the ability to handle quick changes with a positive attitude are essential. You must be comfortable working with different types of personalities. Know when to ask for help, and understand that all work here is a true collaborative effort.”

Every studio has a different method for creating games. But generally speaking, the majority of recording and motion capture work occurs in the middle of the game’s development, if not more so in the last quarter. Before heavy testing is supposed to start, games frequently continue recording and using motion capture until the last few months of development. Unfortunately, all we have right now is conjecture. But these job listings have encouraged many to believe that the release date for the game. Which has been pegged for 2024 or 2025—is real.

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