By mentioning PT, Hideo Kojima is igniting a hornet’s nest once more. A free horror game called PT was made available on the PlayStation Store almost ten years ago. Players would walk down a fairly routine hallway in a comfortable house in this game from an unknown developer, but each time they came to the door at the end of the hallway, they would have to start over. The house started to grow eerier with each reset.

A monster started stalking and watching you as it grew darker, a nearby radio started emitting sinister sounds, and a bathroom door would occasionally open, revealing a fetus in the sink. It was extremely unsettling and is renowned as one of the spookiest video games available. If you managed to escape this “house from Hell,” you were given the following revelation: This was a teaser video for a new Hideo Kojima Silent Hill game. But regrettably, this game was scrapped not long after it was announced.

What does Hideo Kojima mean with the PT tweet?

Despite all of this, Hideo Kojima has largely abandoned that dream, though occasionally he stirs up controversy on Twitter. The most recent instance involves merely posting the logo for the forthcoming film Poor Things, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and starring Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe. As you might anticipate, the logo is an acronym with the letters PT. This is a particularly vile example of Hideo Kojima’s penchant for playing cruel pranks on his followers.

Right now, it appears that this is just a joke, so we shouldn’t hope for anything. Hideo Kojima doesn’t seem to be involved with the Silent Hill franchise, which Konami is handling on its own. A new Xbox game and Death Stranding 2 are among the projects that Hideo Kojima is currently working on. It’s hard to think he has the time to also resurrect his long-dead Silent Hill game from the dead.

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