Many players will be curious about Atomic Heart multiplayer mode. Whether they can bring a friend to help them navigate the game’s world is a matter of curiosity. It’s not impossible because the first-person shooter’s developers, Mundfish, have previously hinted at multiplayer features, including a PvP sector. It would be beneficial to have a nice face. But is it really conceivable in Atomic Heart’s Soviet Union where there are numerous malevolent robots and renegade AI running amok? Here is what we currently know as the release date for Atomic Heart draws near.

Is Atomic Heart Multiplayer?

Robert Bagratuni, the game’s director, in an interview with Wccftech, talked about this curious question. He said,Atomic Heart does not have any multiplayer or cooperative components. Bagratuni claims that despite early development promises to include multiplayer, they were forced to “abandon some concepts, even very major ones, like multiplayer.” The robots will now be your responsibility. But Atomic Heart still looks amazing and unusual, so we’ll keep playing it. You do, however, have that to look forward to as Robert Bagratuni does clarify in the same interview that the DLCs would “greatly expand the functionality” of the game.

About the game

In our Atomic Heart multiplayer guide, we’d also love to talk about the game and Mundfish a bit. It was claimed that the Russian government stands to profit financially from Atomic Heart’s release. So, developer Mundfish has come under increased investigation. This is because among the investors in Mundfish’s financing is GEM Capital, a fund of investments whose creator has connections to VTB Bank and Gazprom, both of which are majority-owned by the Russian government.

In order to avoid Steam’s sanctions, Mundfish is also working with VK (formerly Mail.RU), a company that is primarily controlled by the Russian government through Gazprombank. Moreover, the CEO of Mundfish was previously the Creative Director at Mail.RU. Now that we talked about Atomic Heart multiplayer, here you can find our other articles.

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