When Atomic Heart officially launches, many people may be curious if they will be able to play it on Game Pass. The universe of Atomic Heart is going to take us on a perilous trip across an alternate Soviet Union. You might be trying to find out if you can add Atomic Heart to your ongoing subscription, whether you’re one of the fans merely anticipating the game’s release or you’re one of those fans getting aroused over Atomic Heart’s robot twins.

Is Atomic Heart on Game Pass?

The game is available on Xbox Game Pass as of Day One. Both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass will have the game. This means that you may utilize your current membership to download the game. You can get ready for the game’s release now that you are aware. But, if you’re wondering if Atomic Heart offers multiplayer, you might be let down to learn that it doesn’t.

About the game

In our Atomic Heart and Game Pass guide, we’d also love to talk about the game and Mundfish a bit. It was claimed that the Russian government stands to profit financially from Atomic Heart’s release. So, developer Mundfish has come under increased investigation. This is because among the investors in Mundfish’s financing is GEM Capital, a fund of investments whose creator has connections to VTB Bank and Gazprom, both of which are majority-owned by the Russian government.

In order to avoid Steam’s sanctions, Mundfish is also working with VK (formerly Mail.RU), a company that is primarily controlled by the Russian government through Gazprombank. Moreover, the CEO of Mundfish was previously the Creative Director at Mail.RU. Now that we talked about Atomic Heart and Game Pass, here you can find our other articles.

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