Layers of Fear, a horror game powered by Unreal Engine 5, now has a PC demo from Bloober Team. You may get a sneak peek at this brand-new first-person horror game using Nanite and Lumen in this demo. One of the first UE5 games that you can test on your PC systems is this one as well. Additionally, Layers of Fear makes use of Temporal Super Resolution in UE5. In addition, the game will feature UE5’s Niagara, volumetric lighting, and HDR.

Layers of Fear PC demo is time limited

The demo is currently available for download through the game’s official Steam store page. Please be aware that this demo has a time limit and play the demo with that in mind. The PC demo will be accessible until May 22, 3:00 PM Pacific Time. This is, according to the developers. Layers of Fear will be released by Bloober Team in June 2023. So, for now, you’ll have to make do with the demo version and then wait a bit longer. The game’s official PC system requirements are also available in the Steam website.

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