Almost two and a half years after its initial release, League of Legends gamers can now play League of Legends: Origins for free. This documentary by Riot Games and director Leslie Iwerks is intended to provide some insights on the early years of League, which span from 2006 to 2017. A number of well-known League community members are included in the video. When it first came out years ago, it was available to buy or rent on a variety of platforms. But these days, all you need to do to watch it is go to YouTube and put aside an hour or two.

League of Legends Origins is free

Riot Games surprised everyone this week by rereleasing the League of Legends: Origins documentary on YouTube. But, after it had already been available on other platforms. As a part of Riot’s 10-year anniversary celebrations in 2019, it was announced. The easiest ways to watch it back then included Netflix, console markets, Amazon, and other sites. But there is currently no barrier to watching it.

Riot’s initial announcement for League of Legends Origins said in October 2019, “As we were making League of Legends in the early days, we were thinking this journey we all took together could be worth capturing for the community. From 2012-2017, Leslie Iwerks, renowned documentary maker, joined us on our journey as we built and scaled League of Legends. For our 10 year anniversary, we’re sharing the footage and history from the early days of League of Legends. For the 10 Year Anniversary of League of Legends, we wanted to share the interviews and moments she captured.”

Several of the personalities you’ll see in the documentary include esports content producer Travis Gafford, streamer Pokimane, and Riot Games co-founder Brandon Beck. Of course, you’ll also witness a variety of League champions, including some early glimpses of how these champions appeared before their debuts and subsequent redesigns. Besides League of Legends Origins being free, we have more articles for you.

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