Lords of the Fallen release date rumour has surfaced and it says that it would debut on October 13. This rumor originates from “Aggiornamenti Lumia“, which has a good track record of leaking information. Our best assumption is that at the Summer Games Fest 2023 occasion, CI Games will formally announce the game’s release date. However, given that this is just a rumor, we advise treating this release date with caution.

Lords of the Fallen release date rumour says it’s October 13

Unreal Engine 5 will power Lords of the Fallen, and it will have extremely high-quality textures. The game will also make use of UE5’s Chaos Physics for complex simulations of belts, chains, hair, garments, and much more. It’s also important to note that Lords of the Fallen will benefit from Lumen GI in UE5. Furthermore, to enable them to precisely design two environments side by side, Hexworks has developed its own unique toolset within Unreal Engine 5. If you’re wondering, the answer is yes. The title of the game has been changed from “The Lords of the Fallen” to “Lords of the Fallen” by CI Games.

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