Although the game of Minecraft encourages independence, enjoyment, and discovery, using the correct cheats and instructions can make the experience even more enjoyable and liberating. We have a list of the top Minecraft commands that will enable tricks like teleportation, spawning of enemies, and more. One of the most popular video games ever made, Minecraft still has millions of fans 12 years after its first release. This is mainly because players are given a lot of freedom and because new features are continually being added in new versions. These let players to explore a variety of mobs, lovely biomes, and the likelihood that they will discover something new each time is increased.

Cheats and commands are useful when players and their friends wish to add a little variety to the game. You may teleport, fly, generate particular things, or do whatever you want with these Minecraft tricks. To help you make your game function exactly how you want it to, we’ve put up a list of the greatest commands for Minecraft. Additionally, we’ve covered how to activate cheats in Minecraft so you can easily enter your brand-new world and construct your ideal home.

How to enable Minecraft cheats and commands?

Although there are a few rules, enabling cheats is rather simple. The first is that in order to get achievements in a new world, you must enable cheats. The second is that if you don’t enable cheats, you won’t be able to earn achievements in any world. Therefore, if you’re looking for achievements, this is not the ideal strategy. Nevertheless, simply follow these instructions to activate cheats in Minecraft:

  1. Click on “Create New World.”
  2. You’ll see General on the screen’s left side. Up until you find “Cheats,” scroll down.
  3. Toggle the setting to “Cheats” selected. If you would like, you can toggle extra settings on in this section.
  4. Once your game is created, the cheats will be available.


To utilize the cheats after you’ve enabled them, go through these steps:

  1. Your keyboard’s / key will activate the text box.
  2. Enter after typing in the cheat. It should seem as follows: /help
  3. In case you require it, the game will assist you with the cheat.


Minecraft cheats and commands

  • Entering and exiting creative mode: /gamemode 1 and /gamemode 0
  • Open survival mode: /gamemode survival
  • Difficulty setting: /difficulty (peaceful, easy, normal)
  • Help with the command: /help and /help2
  • Making someone OP: /op name
  • Unauthorize OP: /deop name
  • Kick someone off the server: /kick name
  • Ban someone from accessing the server: /ban name
  • Unblocked from entering the server: /pardon name
  • Kill all monsters: /kill all mobs
  • Teleport to a player: /tp name
  • Adding XP: /XP 5000
  • Shutting down the server: /stop


The codes we just listed above will be the ones you utilize the most if you own a server.

Weather, plants and time cheats:

These Minecraft cheats and commands are for the weather, plants and time.

  • Set the time: /TIME SET
  • Add time to clock: /TIME ADD
  • Freeze time: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  • Making it rain: /TOGGLEDOWNFALL
  • Stopping the rain: TOGGLE DOWNFALL OFF
  • Water clarification: /clearwater
  • Grow trees and plants: /grow
  • Making plants grow instantly: /instantplant
  • Change weather: /weather (lightning, thunder, or rain)


By adding day, midnight, night, noon, sunrise, and sunset after typing the command “/time set” and before clicking Enter, you can set it to a ready-made time. Additionally, simply typing /time set 10, you can change the time to 10. Naturally, you can choose any other number to set that time in place of 10. When you type a number after “/time add” and press Enter, the current time is increased by the number of hours in the number. If you type “/time add 5” at 10 o’clock to make it 15 o’clock, the time will change.

Cheats for interacting with monsters:

These Minecraft cheats and commands are for monsters.

  • Kill named monsters: /killall [monsterarture]
  • Kill nearby monsters: /killnpc [all, animal or monster]
  • Freeze monsters: /freeze
  • Insta-kill monsters: /instantkill
  • Confuse the monsters: /confuse


Health, damage and experience cheats:

These Minecraft cheats and commands are for health, damage and experience.

  • Acquire XP in the amount you specify: /xp amount
  • Toggle water damage: /waterdamage
  • Toggle flame damage: /firedamage
  • Setting character speed: /setspeed quantity
  • Kills everything including you: /kill
  • Toggle fall damage: /falldamage
  • Refills your health by the specified amount: /health [add, set, get, reset]
  • Teleport to the platform above your current location: /ascend


Item cheats

These Minecraft cheats and commands are for items.

  • Double the held item: /duplicate
  • Keeping your items after death: /keepitems or /gamerule keepInventory true
  • Making items unlimited: /infiniteitems
  • Item destruction: /destroy
  • Give item: /give itemcode itemnumber
  • Give an item to someone else: /give playername itemcode item_number


If you want to learn more commands, you can have a look at here.

How to turn off Minecraft cheats and commands?

Now that you’ve looked at the cheats we shared with you earlier, it’s time to disable them. Even while cheats can be used to play Minecraft, you don’t always have to. You might grow tired of cheating, or you might even utilize the trick to avoid doing anything else that you’re currently too lazy to perform. When you’re finished using cheats, all you have to do to resume playing normally is follow a few easy steps. We discussed how to activate cheats earlier in our article on Minecraft cheat codes. Therefore, we are discussing the “/gamemode 1” code.

We may now use the “/gamemode 1” command in the reverse direction from how we activated cheats. By doing this, the cheats will be disabled and you may play the game normally. You must type the command “/gamemode 0” if you want to disable cheats and resume normal gameplay. This command will cause the game to exit creative mode and resume normal play. After cheating, you can carry on where you left off.

There are other options besides disabling cheat mode for disabling cheats. A cheat can be deactivated by adding the command “false” after adding the command “true” to activate it. Of course, you must type true if it is false. You must input the cheat code with a 0 command this time if you added a 1 command to the end of the cheat code when activating a cheat. The building blocks of computers are 1 and 0. Positive is represented by 1 and negative by 0. You ought to bear this in mind. Now that we talked about Minecraft cheats and commands, it’s time to move on. We also have other articles on our website.

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