With an astounding 40 new games planned for release over the course of the remainder of 2023, Netflix has great intentions to keep growing its selection of games. That data was taken from a first-quarter earnings interview with Netflix that was published on YouTube. Greg Peters, co-CEO of Netflix, declined to provide any precise details regarding user engagement and retention, but he did take the opportunity to highlight the company’s future objectives. Users may presently access 55 games from the company, and that number will grow as more games from internal studios and licensed partners are released.

Netflix confirmed the plans for 40 new games

The engagement and retention of Netflix’s video game services have been questioned, but Peters chose not to respond. However, a survey from last year portrayed a bleak picture; as of last August, less than 1% of customers were regularly playing the games. Whether or not anything has changed since then is unknown, but Netflix doesn’t appear to care. The business has unquestionably not indicated that it may be reconsidering its investment in gaming.

Although it’s impossible to say for sure, the fact that Netflix games can only be played on mobile devices may be the reason why users aren’t utilising this aspect of the service. That turns off people who only use Netflix on their computer and television. Many consumers might not even be aware that these games are a part of their monthly subscription fee! Whatever the situation, Netflix faces a difficult challenge in its battle with other gaming possibilities.

There are other things Netflix could do, but the 40 new games scheduled for release in 2023 might contribute to a change in image among gamers. According to a new report, Netflix games will soon be available to play on computers and televisions utilizing the Netflix mobile app as a controller. Take that choice with a grain of salt as Netflix hasn’t formally announced it yet, but maybe the company will keep adding more methods for users to access its video game selection.

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