The Lord of the Rings-themed Adventure Book will be released the following month. The Lord of the Rings Adventure Book game, a brand-new cooperative board game that spans the full Lord of the Rings film trilogy over the course of eight chapters, has been released by Ravensburger. Players will attempt to navigate through well-known movie scenes on a board made up of two pages from the eponymous adventure book. Each chapter will have different goals and regulations. The game will come with seven miniatures: the four Hobbits, Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas.

New Lord of the Rings Adventure Book game coming soon

There are some well-known movies that have been adapted into tabletop formats in the Ravensburger Adventure Book line. The game’s unique feature is that each chapter essentially functions as a mini-game with its own obstacles and rewards. Each chapter moves along rather fast, taking only about 20 minutes to complete on average. Two further Adventure Book games based on The Princess Bride and The Wizard of Oz have already been made available by Ravensburger.

Shanon Lyon, Ravensburger’s game development manager said, “The Lord of the Rings’ immersive story world unfolded perfectly in our adventure book board game format. We designed the game to capture the detail and thoroughness that series’ fans have come to know and love from Ravensburger games. The thrill of the series’ iconic moments truly jumps off the board game ‘pages.”. Pre-orders for the Lord of the Rings Adventure Book game begin on January 31. Finally, it will only be available at Target in February. Also, the price of the game is $34.99. Besides the new announcement, we also have a few more articles for you: