It has been said that Sony is developing a new handheld PlayStation system. The PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PS Vita are expected to be replaced in the near future. That’s according to new internet speculations that have just surfaced. And even if a brand-new handheld is now rumored to be in the works, it doesn’t sound like it will be a fully autonomous product as Sony’s prior hardware was.

Is a new handheld PlayStation console really coming?

According to a rumor from Insider Gaming, Sony is developing a new PlayStation handheld. But it will be connected to the PlayStation 5. This new handheld, rumored to have the codename “Q Lite,” will function with the PlayStation 5 and support remote play for video games. The Q Lite is believed to support streaming, which will enable games to run at 60 frames per second with 1080p graphics. It’s also stated that this new piece of technology will debut before the PS5 Pro, which is presently expected to hit shelves during the 2024 holiday shopping season.

Given Sony’s increased emphasis on remote play over the past few years, this move would generally make perfect sense. Sony would be able to emphasize this mode of play even more in the future if it had a (new) dedicated handheld that allows remote play with PlayStation 5. But, it still seems strange that Sony would decide not to make a stronger move in the handheld market at this time. With the Nintendo Switch’s enormous popularity, it makes sense that Sony would want a piece of that market. But, considering the PlayStation Vita’s abject failure, it’s possible that Sony won’t ever release another piece of hardware in this way again in an effort to challenge Nintendo.

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