A new system update for PS5 console has now been made available globally by Sony. Sony has continued to put out smaller patches to enhance more specialized features of the PS5 since the launch of the most recent big update in early March that enabled Discord voice chat capability. That pattern has already repeated itself today, with Sony simply making three minor adjustments to this new version.

You can now install the new PS5 console update 

Version 23.01-07.20.00 of the PS5 system software is currently available for download and installation. A little bit over 1GB in size, this patch’s main purpose is to bring stability to a variety of various parts of the console. Sony has made sure that the DualSense Edge works with the hardware more readily in addition to boosting the performance of the PS5 itself. Finally, this firmware has now made a few changes to how messages are read on the PS5.

Here are all of the patch notes for Sony’s new PS5 console update released:

  • We’ve improved system software performance and stability.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.
  • We’ve updated the DualSense Edge wireless controller device software to improve stability.


We still don’t know when Sony plans to roll out the next significant upgrade for the PS5 at this time. We typically only receive a small number of “big” PS5 upgrades a few times a year, with the majority of patches focusing solely on performance and stability. Even said, while upgrades like the one we get today don’t add much, they undoubtedly open the door for what Sony will be able to do with the PS5 in the future.

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