Capcom has unveiled a new Street Fighter game, although this one is very dissimilar from previous titles. Street Fighter: Duel, an RPG that will debut on mobile devices next month, will have more than 40 legendary characters when it launches, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka, and Ken. The game will let players “choose between real-time RPG combat or auto-battling,” according to IGN. Actual combos and moves from the main series will be used in the real-time battle, and they will be executed by tapping the screen. The video game is being made in association with Crunchyroll Games. Terry Li, general manager of Crunchyroll Games, spoke with IGN about developing the game alongside Capcom.

The new Street Fighter is named Street Fighter Duel

Li said, “Street Fighter has been a classic game for years, and we know anime fans adore having thrilling experiences with their favorite characters. We’re thrilled to work with Capcom to deliver Street Fighter: Duel and its amazing cast of legendary combatants to both anime and video game lovers. Several nations, most notably the United States and Canada, have started pre-registration for the game. The amount of in-game cash given to players who pre-register will vary depending on how many people pre-register globally. Readers can register directly here; currently, more than 50,000 players have pre-registered.

In 1987, the Street Fighter series was launched. Characters like Ryu and Chun-Li have gained widespread recognition, making the series one among the most well-known fighting game franchises in the world. It will be intriguing to watch how the series adapts to an RPG format as a result! On the surface, it would appear to be an odd pairing. But the series has a rich backstory, and it’s easy to believe that many fans will be eager to see how that transfers to the RPG genre. Crunchyroll Games should be able to provide a memorable experience for both seasoned fans and brand-new players. Besides the new Street Fighter game, we have more articles for you: