A new Nintendo system is reportedly coming out next year, and many of these speculations concur that it will be the Switch’s successor rather than a completely original concept from Nintendo. The most recent rumor supports these earlier claims and offers information on some of the specs the Nintendo Switch 2 will employ. It comes from Korean industry insider OreXda, who has a reputation for providing accurate and comparable leaks in the past.

Nintendo Switch 2 rumor has revealed the first specs

Leaker claims a new NVIDIA Tegra chip, made utilizing Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP, will be used in the upcoming Nintendo system. This contradicts earlier speculations that the NVIDIA Tegra chip inside the console would use Ampere architecture.

This is not very shocking to people who are familiar with the technology. It appears that the technology of the Switch’s replacement will be improved, but not much so that playing games on the hybrid system will alter. If the replacement to the Switch debuts with this technology the following year, its internal components will be somewhat obsolete. If all you were hoping for was more Switch, that’s OK, but if you were hoping for something that would put Nintendo gaming on par with PS5 and Xbox Series X, that’s looking less and less likely. Despite being old, this technology would still be an improvement above the aforementioned Ampere architecture.

As always, use caution when interpreting this rumor and the conjecture it has sparked. Even if it is accurate, this is not official information, and accuracy does not guarantee continued accuracy. Plans can alter, but a last-minute modification would be challenging to say the least if the machine is getting ready for production. So, that was it for our Nintendo Switch 2 specs rumor. But, we have more articles waiting for you.

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