The Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is quickly approaching, and as usual, that means we’ll get a new map and it will be The Antarctic Peninsula. The Antarctic Peninsula, an icy-themed control map that will debut alongside Season 3 on February 7th, has been given to us by Blizzard as our first look. The Antarctic Peninsula is significant since it will explore Mei’s past, provide the first natural setting on an OW map, and allows for fishing. like reeling in a fish. a hole in the ice. For instance, Overwatch 2 has an ice hole where you may catch fish.

The Easter egg/mini-operation game’s is demonstrated in a 10-second film sent to the Overwatch Twitter account. Essentially, a pool of water may be seen beneath the hard ice that covers some of the map’s surfaces. Shoot the fish if you want them. When Tracer fires her pistols, it appears as though one bullet sends a single fish to burst out, causing a hilarious explosion of seafood. I’m the kind of nerd that shoots every champagne bottle while waiting for a match to start, even though the fishing isn’t particularly fancy.

The Antarctic Peninsula map is coming in Overwatch 2 Season 3 

In addition, Blizzard released a 30-second teaser showcasing the three control points on the map. The predominance of icy blues seems noticeably different because this is the first map in the series with a natural setting. Dion Rogers, the art director of Overwatch, expressed interest in more organically inspired maps in a Gamespot interview. We’re eager to explore other locations, such as the jungle or possibly a complete cave habitat, he said. With the new engine, it is definitely feasible.

It appears that the development team is experimenting with story components in maps as well in preparation for Overwatch 2’s PvE feature. Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, the lead narrative designer, hinted that we might learn more about Mei’s past from her surroundings. He said, “You can see the Overwatch Icebreaker ship that tried to come and rescue Mei and her team but failed.” Although he teased a secret on the map that reveals something “exciting about the story to come.”

About the upcoming Season 3, all we know is that it will change the shooter’s ranked mode to “bring more clarity in the system.” On February 6th, the Season 3 full trailer will be released. Overwatch 2 is now available as a free download. Besides The Antarctic Peninsula map in Overwatch 2 Season 3, we have more articles for you.

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