A sizable DLC pack for Persona 5 Royal is presently available for free download on the PlayStation Store, which may have been a mistake. Persona 5, the most recent installment in Atlus’ venerable JRPG series, didn’t receive conventional DLC except from the extra features that were present in the Royal version of the game. Instead, supplementary cosmetics that could be employed in-game served as the add-on material that was made obtainable for a fee. And while these bonus outfits were frequently fairly expensive, they are now available for absolutely free cost.

Persona 5 Royal DLC is free but probably for a limited time

This Persona 5 Royal DLC package, which is only available through the European PlayStation Store, features six separate add-ons that can also be purchased separately. Players of P5R can use the new Joker, Ann, Morgana, Kasumi, and Ryuji costumes thanks to this DLC. It’s important to keep in mind that this DLC is only applicable to Persona 5 Royal’s PS4 edition because the PS5 version of the game already includes this material.

The fact that this Persona 5 Royal pack is now free is perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the situation. This DLC costs $59.99 off-retail. Also, it is the same price as the game itself. Even if you haven’t yet played Persona 5 Royal for yourself, you should definitely take advantage of this discount now that it has been cut down to nothing.

It’s important to reiterate that this free DLC promotion for Persona 5 Royal on the PlayStation Store could just be an error. Also, Atlus hasn’t made any announcements to fans suggesting that this DLC pack was intended to be free. So, a correction for the price miscalculation may be on the way shortly. You must therefore move quickly if you want to obtain this P5R add-on content before Atlus and Sega decide to correct the issue.

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