Redfall for Xbox and Bethesda has fallen to a new low on Metacritic. Redfall launched with Metacritic scores of 61 and 63 for the PC and Xbox Series X|S editions, respectively, when it was published earlier this week on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. This was already a problem. A significant first-party Xbox game that releases in the low 60s is a complete failure. Having said that, things for Xbox, Bethesda, and Arkane Studios have gotten worse since the game’s launch.

Redfall is getting burned on Metacritic

Since then, the game’s PC version has dropped from 61 to 56. The Xbox Series X/S version, meanwhile, dropped from 63 to 59. Both versions of the game are currently in the 50s on Metacritic, further discrediting the most recent Arkane offering. Forspoken was a failure, and PlayStation received criticism for it earlier this year. And Forspoken scored a 63/64 throughout its two iterations on Metacritic. Additionally, it’s an exclusive that was negotiated through a third party arrangement rather than being a first-party game. In other words, it received better reviews and was less significant. It was still a failure, but Redfall seems destined to be an even worse failure.

When you look at the user reviews for Redfall, the situation just becomes worse. The PC version’s user review rating is a pitiful 1.8. The Xbox Series X|S version, which scored 2.9, is marginally better but is still awful. The user reviews criticize the game’s performance flaws, dull gunplay, shoddy progression, and general generic design, similar to many of the critical evaluations.

Can Redfall change the situation? Well, not according to Metacritic, but the game might yet be saved and make a reappearance in the future if it is patched, enhanced, and expanded. This is particularly feasible given that Xbox Game Pass makes the game very accessible. Despite this, it’s difficult to imagine Redfall having a promising future at this time.

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