The Resident Evil 4 Remake GBA Demake version is already being worked on by a fan developer by the name of 3DSage. Sage demonstrated their current work on the project, which is already taking fascinating turns. demonstrating the game’s shooting mechanics as well as a creative application of the over-the-shoulder shooter viewpoint in a GBA game using a 2D sprite that has been highly pixelated replacing Leon’s model.

What kind of game is Resident Evil 4 Remake GBA Demake?

Leon was seen strolling around in a basic empty chamber and shooting down a piece of treasure in the demo, which demonstrated the game running on both a real Game Boy Advance and an emulator. Sage added that they will attempt to incorporate the shooting range or the initial village from the game.

Enthusiastic fan initiatives have become commonplace for the Resident Evil franchise. Aydan Watkins, a Resident Evil 1 modder, added Metal Gear Solid Snake to the first game earlier this year. A Resident Evil fan already rebuilt the complete Resident Evil 3 remake start scene in the manner of the PlayStation 1 trilogy.

For Capcom, the Resident Evil 4 remake has been a big success. It was not only the most well-publicized release of a Resident Evil game since the original Resident Evil 4, but it has also been a huge commercial success, selling over three million copies. Only a few days after its debut, the game outperformed all recently published Resident Evil games in terms of sales. More DLC for the game is reportedly in Capcom’s planning.

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