This was inevitable, as we all knew. And to be completely honest, we thought Ashley’s debut nude mod would come out much sooner. Nonetheless, first Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley the “ballistic girl“ nude mod, is now accessible for download. Now, in case you missed it, the phrase “ballistic girl” alludes to the first Resident Evil 4 video game. In that variation, when they first meet, Luis “compliments” Ashley. And sure, Capcom took that line out of the remade version. Nonetheless, the business did continue to use Ashley’s boob physics, so at least that’s something.

Here is the first Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley Nude Mod

We won’t be directly linking to NSFW links as usual. is where interested parties can find this nude mod. More specifically, there are two naked mods at the moment. The first one is a full naked modification, however Ashley’s boobs seem a little larger than they did before. A sexier clothing is featured in the second mod. You can also discover nude modifications for Leon and Luis in addition to Ashley’s Nude Mod. NexusMods presently has these male naked mods available.

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