The most skilled clone soldiers of the Bad Batch will soon visit Star Wars Legion. Characters from Star Wars The Bad Batch will reportedly appear in Star Wars: Legion in the future, according to an announcement made today by Atomic Mass Games. However, this is most likely to happen in late 2023 or early 2024. Clone Force 99 will be a dual affiliation strike team that can be utilized in either Rebel Alliance or the Grand Army of the Republic. The package will feature all of the Bad Batch as well as Omega. Throughout the coming months, further details about the release should be disclosed.

Star Wars The Bad Batch is coming for Star Wars Legion

Moreover, Star Wars Legion revealed that they would also be releasing a Geonosian Battle Force and a pair of Inquisitors (Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother) along with the previously announced Ewok Battleforce. None of the new Star Wars: Legion projects have a release date. Given that the Ewoks were originally teased in 2022 and are still not in their final form, new figures for the game are most likely still quite a ways off.

Players create armies based on various Star Wars factions in the miniatures skirmish game Star Wars Legion. Generic units and special operatives, who are much more powerful, are mixed together in armies. There are four armies in total: the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, the Grand Army of the Republic, and the Separatist Alliance. The Shadow Collective, a fifth army that may be employed in various army compositions, was introduced for Star Wars: Legion last year.

On Star Wars Day, May 4th, more Star Wars: Legion and Strike Force characters are anticipated to be revealed. Lovers of the game can look towards Atomic Mass Games’ Twitter and Facebook profiles for more details as they become available.

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