A variety of The Forest cheats are available here to improve your chances of surviving in a game that mostly just wants you dead and offers numerous ways to do so. With the help of this trick, you can manage several important game elements, like the opponents, supplies, and buildings. Things will be able to spawn from you. Control the game’s physical elements and essentially turn anything you want more or less on or off to make your experience simpler or more enjoyable. You don’t even need to bother about mods or any additional items beyond having a keyboard to enter The Forest hacks, making it even simpler. Using a USB keyboard connected to the console, you can even enter cheat codes. Therefore, let’s move on and go over all of the The Forest tips and tricks we have to make surviving even simpler.

How to use The Forest cheats

These are less outright cheats and more game mode modifiers, but they can still improve life (as well as harder). There is no need to press any keys in order to activate these on a PC; simply type the command into the main menu. If you put in a USB keyboard, you can do the same on a PS4 as well, but it appears more like a feature for older PCs than an actual feature, so don’t be surprised if they’re patched out at any time without prior notice. You won’t receive any notifications or confirmations after entering the codes; they just function. After entering the code, you might not be able to change some of these without restarting the game.

  • ironforest: Buildings are indestructible, type code again to disable.
  • meatmode: Disables all cheats.
  • rawmeatmode: Permadeath. If you die, wave goodbye to your save file.
  • regrowmode: 10% of fallen trees regrow while you sleep (provided the stump is still there).
  • veganmode: Enemies only appear in caves.
  • vegetarianmode: Enemies only appear at night.
  • woodpaste: Undoes all holes made by the hole cutter and crane.


How to use The Forest console commands

The next commands can alter a lot more of the game and are only compatible with PCs. Start by entering developermodeon at the top of the menu screen. There won’t be a notification or anything, but pressing F1 will bring up a box in the left corner where you may enter the codes, allowing you to test if it’s functioning. From this point on, I would err on the side of caution. A few of these console commands might have a significant impact on your save file. So stay away if you don’t want anything too crazy to happen or if you just want to run your run. Here’s how to activate console commands and use The Forest cheats if you feel ready to move forward.

  • Press Z to toggle the console, F1 to turn it on or off.
  • Press X or ~ to display the console log and status, F2 or ~ to turn it on or off.
  • Precc C to display stats, F3 to turn it on or off.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys after pressing Z to cycle through previous commands.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to make changes to commands.

After you’ve typed a command from the list below, press enter to activate it.

The Forest PC best console command cheats

This is a collection of the most common commands that you’ll probably find useful at first, while there are more in the wiki. Following our steps above, simply press F1 to enter developer mode after enabling it from the main menu.

  • buildermode on / buildermode off: This turns on builder cheat and god mode. Turns off survival mode, enemies and adds all items.
  • cavelight on / cavelight off: Pretty self-explanatory, makes caves brighter.
  • faststart on / faststart off: Skips plane crash cutscenes.
  • godmode on / godmode off: You take no damage at all. Unlimited stamina, toughness, water, etc. You are invincible.
  • buildhack on / buildhack off: Creative mode, basically. Unlimited resources and fast building.
  • cancelallghosts: Removes all plans. Likely to be noisy if you have a load. So it’s worth turning down the volume.
  • buildallghosts: Build every plan you place. It will also be very noisy depending on how many you place.
  • addallitems: Use to add all items except story items.
  • addallstoryitems: Fills in the gaps and adds all story items as well.
  • itemhack on / itemhack off: Unlimited items, but you must already have the item.


Best The Forest console commands:

Now, let’s continue our The Forest console command cheats for PC.

  • survival on / survival off: No need to eat/drink etc.
  • save: Saves the game.
  • speedyrun on / speedyrun off: Super fast sprint. Also likely to cause the game to error out.
  • invisible on / invisible off: Allows you to walk/run underwater. However, it will no longer wash you away. Only the rain will continue to wash you away.
  • killallenemies: Kills all enemies now. However, they will respawn again after a while.
  • enemies on / enemies off: Disables or enables cannibals and mutants.
  • additem 77: Gives a live rabbit. Put it in a cage for safe keeping.
  • forcerain heavy / forcerain sunny: Gives heavy rain or sunshine.
  • cutdowntrees 10: Cuts 10 trees. Also, you can change the number.
  • cutdowntrees 100%: 100% percentage will cut down all trees. Also, you can change the percentage.
  • cutgrass 10: Cuts grass with a radius of ten around the player. You can also change the number of radii.


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