Everyone is curious about the varieties of Infected that come in the franchise now that The Last of Us is bigger than ever and attracting new fans. There are many distinct kinds, some of which manifest themselves differently in the two games and the TV program as well as not at all. The whole list of zombie types from The Last of Us is provided below so that you may get an idea of how many there are.

What are The Last of Us zombie types and Infected types?

The game’s post-apocalyptic scenario makes the Infected the deadliest enemy, and even some of the less common Infected shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are capable of utterly decimating you in the game and shocking Joel and Ellie in the TV program where they are a guest. You may discover a summary of them, along with the fundamental types of Infected, and how the stages of Infection have developed between each type, below.

The Last of Us zombie types

There are a total of six distinct zombie and Infected types in the The Last of Us franchise. Which are:

  • Runners
  • Stalkers
  • Clickers
  • Shamblers
  • Bloaters
  • Rat King



One of the The Last of Us zombie types are Runners. The grunt Infected are essentially Runners. They spread infection quickly and at the very beginning stages. Also, they can still hear and see, and they can strike in large groups with relative certainty. They are present in every variation of the globe, including video games and television programs.


This The Last of Us Infected types are also important. Stalkers are the stealthy variation of the Infected. Because they tend to stay in the shadows, they are rarely observed. They hook onto walls and allow the Cordyceps virus to develop and fester on them for anywhere between two weeks after becoming infected and a full year. They appear in both games, albeit they behave differently in each of them.


One of the dangerous The Last of Us zombie types are Clickers. Clickers, are the strongest type of Infected. They are blind and can only navigate by echolocation due to the fungus’s advanced level of spread. They are more powerful and terrifying than Stalkers and Runners because of the advanced infection. Both the TV series and the games use Clickers. Here you can see one of them.


This The Last of Us Infected types are also powerful. They are advanced variety of the Infected, shamblers have spent a lot of time in marshy or other environments with lots of water. Although they move extremely slowly, they may grapple prey and discharge a lot of spores that burn the skin with acid. They only appear in The Last of Us Part 2 and explode upon death.


Here we are, talking about one of the most dangerous The Last of Us zombie types. After being infected for a while, Bloaters are among the most advanced Infected. They are extremely powerful, but also slow and blind. They can rip fungus from their body and throw it as a bomb if they have armor plating. Both the TV show and the games feature them.

Rat King

This The Last of Us Infected types is a pain. The Rat King is an original Infected that was created in a Seattle hospital after years of infection. It is a combination of various diseased that have been crammed into a massive, hulking danger. During The Last of Us: Part 2, it can only be located in Seattle. These are all of the zombie and Infected types from The Last of Us that have appeared in the series.

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